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Jamaica is recognized as a jewel of the Caribbean for its natural and cultural richness. In addition to beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, the island offers an array of unique experiences from horseback riding to canopy touring.

Bluefields Bay, Jamaica

Current Temperature:

0 °F / 0 °C

Capital: Kingston
Local Time: 00:00
Official Language: English
Currency: Jamaican Dollar
Electricity/AC Voltage: 110 V - Standard Northamerican Socket


Getting to Jamaica is easier than ever. Several major US cities and destinations around the globe now offer direct air lift to Montego Bay Airport (MBJ), located just 60 minutes from Bluefields Bay Villas.

Approximate Travel Times

New York 3 hrs 55 min
Miami 1 hrs 40 min
Los Angeles 7 hrs 20 min
Houston Texas 3 hrs 15 min
Toronto 4 hrs 5 min
Vancouver 6 hrs 55 min
Montréal 4 hrs 40 min

Arriving to Bluefields


By Shuttle

Bluefields is about 60 minutes by road from Montego Bay Airport. Expert drivers will navigate the journey while explaining the flora, fauna and culture of Jamaica.

Helicopter icon

By Helicopter

Guests can also book private helicopter arrivals, just a 14-minute journey from Montego Bay Airport. From the air, guests can get a birds-eye view of the stunning Bluefields Mountain, expansive orange, sugar cane and coconut groves, and much more.

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