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Discover the true meaning of relaxation combined with Jamaican luxury at our unique Bluefields Bay Country Retreat on the Sea. Experience the convenience of a fully-inclusive resort enhanced by the grandeur and royal-treatment of being in your own private villa. Each of our six waterfront villas has its own private pool and expertly-trained staff, including a gourmet chef and a personal butler.

Your only obligation is to relax and relish each moment. Enjoy breathtaking views of the crystal-clear sparkling blue Caribbean Sea and the lush backdrop of the mountains right behind. Spend quality-time with friends and loved ones without distractions. Revive the art of conversation that is too often lost in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

Most important, don’t lift a finger. Just unwind and let our staff take care of your needs. Enjoy tropical drinks made from fresh-picked fruits, savor gourmet meals, relish your freshly-laundered and beautifully ironed clothes, and so much more. We even provide nannies for young children and elderly care too.

Each morning, our Guest Services Manager visits to help plan your day. You can do as much or as little as you choose. Just realize that — whatever you wish to do — we take care of it so that you can enjoy every moment of your holiday.

If you’re seeking adventure, each villa offers kayaks, snorkeling gear, standup paddleboards, and more. Take a guided hike through the untouched mountain right behind your villa. Witness from our glass-bottom boat the splendor of our coral reefs teeming with sea life. Go scuba diving. Your chauffeur can also whisk you away to the acclaimed YS Falls or to the world-famous Appleton Estates Distillery — both just a short drive away.

Experience the Best of the Luxury Villas in Jamaica

There’s plenty to see and do, but we won’t fault you if you just want to relax and take in the scenery with a tropical drink in hand. You can also enjoy on-site spa services as well as study the detail put into the design, layout, and character of each villa and its grounds. From antique furnishings, to fine china and silver place settings, to lush tropical gardens, this is hardly your run-of-the-mill resort.

We want you to feel truly “at home”. After all, this is your private villa.

6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, Private Pool
5+ Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Private Pool
4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, Private Pool, Beachfront
3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, Private Pool
2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Private Pool, Beachfront
2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Private Pool
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How to Book a Villa: Things to Know Before Booking Your Next Getaway
If you’re looking to book a villa, you’re not alone. Discerning travelers often opt for villas, and there are many reasons for this. Villas provide an authentic and personalized vacation experience while hotels and resorts tend to have a more commercial feel. Unfortunately, the villa market can be a daunting one to enter. It is normal to ask yourself questions such as: How do I find a villa that will accommodate all members of my family or travel group? How do I know if the villa in question offers top quality service? How do I know if the advertised pictures are authentic? What happens if there is an emergency? Then there are questions that you never even thought to ask: Do I have any recourse if the villa does not meet expectations? Is the property licensed for tourists to stay there? Am I putting my family at risk by staying in a place with no liability insurance? This article addresses these questions one-by-one, with the goal of placating worries about leaving resort chains behind, so keep reading to learn how to book a villa that’s ideal for your vacation needs. [RESERVATIONCTA]

Step One – Find a Villa that Fits Your Needs and Your Budget


The first step is to communicate with your group to establish a firm understanding of what your needs are. There is a lot of selection. Where do you want to go? How many bedrooms do you need? How many bathrooms do you need? Do you need a pool? Do you want it to be located near the beach? Communicating and coordinating with a large group can difficult, but will be well-worth the trouble later on.

Establish a budget:

Once you know what you want, discuss the budget. Nothing gets more contentious with groups traveling together than money. Some will want to spend more to get more. Some will want less and will want to pay less. Keep in mind that many villas have nicer rooms than others, so different budgets can be accommodated. The important but difficult part is to have an honest conversation so that everyone knows what the limits are.

Search for the perfect villa:

The internet drowns us with options. Some of these options are hidden gems, while others are cheap gimmicks. There are several ways to go about finding your perfect villa.

Use a travel agent:

We recommend boutique travel agencies only. Why? Larger companies offer hundreds of options of different quality levels all over the world. They are motivated by volume, and therefore excellence is often compromised. We, as vendors, have elected to stay away from large companies. To contextualize, their agents call up to ask questions that even a cursory look at our website would answer, and they have in the past attempted to sell clients travel weeks that were not available. On the other side of the coin, boutique travel agents come to our villas frequently, usually bringing their families too. They do all of the activities and spend a lot of time getting to know the product. Really good travel agents get to know your personality and match you with not just the perfect villa, but also with the perfect experience.

Find it yourself:

Google is a fantastic resource. There is nothing that Google can’t find so long as you know how to search. Make a list of the important characteristics that came up in group discussions. Be creative in how you search. Many people find us with the phrase “villa with private pool.” TripAdvisor can be another good resource, though its search mechanisms and algorithms are not perfect. For example, they list us as a “Specialty Lodging,” and we have never been able to figure out how to find our listing on TripAdvisor without typing our full name into the search box. When looking for villas, check the “Vacation Rental” and “Specialty Lodging” sections. Lastly, there are a plethora of villa rental websites that connect you to private owners (we are listed on a few of these). These can be great for off-the-beaten-track holidays, but are really risky. Please see the due diligence section below for information on how to use these sites effectively.

Step Two – Pick the Villa

Confirm legitimacy:

Price variation is normal, but if the price you are quoted falls well below the market rate, then there is cause for concern. For example, I recently got a call from someone to whom I had spoken about a rental week that was not available. She asked if I had heard of a property that she had found online. I had not, and the pricing in the listing seemed oddly low for the product described. As it turned out, a quick Google image search revealed that the pictures in the listing had been stolen from the website of a far more expensive villa. In short, yes, there is fraud on the internet. Be careful.

Track reviews:

TripAdvisor may be difficult to use to search for a great place to stay, but it is universally regarded as THE resource for reviews. We recommend it highly for this purpose.

Talk to the villa representative:

We live in a world in which everyone seems to want to minimize transactional conversations. As a result, our team processes bookings over e-mail and Live Chat without ever speaking to the customer. What people forget is that if you have an emergency, you won’t want to send an e-mail and wait for a reply. It is best to establish a relationship with the villa representative early on so that you know with whom you would be dealing in the case that something goes wrong. I am available to our customers 24/7, holidays included. I freely give out my cell phone number, and I encourage people to call with any questions before, during or after their trip.

Ask questions:

We put a lot of information on our website, but it is impossible to see and read everything.  If you ask us about staffing, we are happy to tell you that we have someone who works for us in the house 24/7, and that we have a staff of 70 people for six houses. Any company that does not offer complete answers to questions in a timely fashion is probably worth avoiding. When dealing directly with an owner, get back to the basics. Keep in mind that you can’t take anything for granted. How do they deal with hot water? How do they deal with water pressure? Who cleans the pool? How often do they personally go and look at the house? Who is available near the property in case you need anything?

Confirm what is included:

Many villas are all-inclusive, semi-inclusive, or have either of these options available as an extra. These are fantastic as they cap your costs before you depart, but make sure you ask a lot of questions. What is served? Is there a sample menu? Who trained the chef? Are there limits to what is included? Is the liquor also included? Will I have to pay for groceries? All-inclusive plans can be as different as night and day. Yes, our all-inclusive plan might be slightly more expensive, but our food is gourmet while cheaper options feature burgers with fries. In addition, our chefs do continuing education four times per year and we are constantly changing our menu. It is also important to take into account the cost of food in the country that you are visiting. Small islands do not have the supply chain economies of scale that the US, Canada, and Europe have. Food is expensive, especially when it is imported. If you rent a villa without food included, you might find yourself at a Jamaican supermarket purchasing a small slice of brie cheese at a cost of US$40. So if you’re unconvinced of the benefits of all-inclusive vacations, research food prices in the area. Often times all-inclusive options are more cost efficient than they initially appear.

Do not overlook laws and compliance:

We are unable to receive insurance coverage without approximately ten governmental licenses. In addition, each year, the villas are inspected by six to ten governmental organizations for a dizzying array of things. As a result of our efforts, we qualify for structural damage insurance, liability insurance, vehicle insurance, etc. In the unlikely event of a problem, both the customer and the business are covered. It is shocking how many resorts and villas do not carry any of the required permits, or any insurance whatsoever. While this can explain why some places are cheaper than others (compliance is not cheap), this is a potentially dangerous gap. Our terms and conditions clearly outline our insurance coverage, and we encourage all customers to read contracts carefully.

Step Three – Making the Booking

Understand the terms:

Read all contracts before signing. Pay close attention to cancellation policies, and remember that villas cannot afford to have the same generous cancellation policies that hotels have. Also, know whose paperwork you are signing. Some larger villa rental agencies use their own contract for all bookings. We looked at a few of these and found them lacking, and as a result, we have our own supplement that we send out to customers.

Put money down:

Unlike hotels, it is standard to pay for villas up-front (either partially or fully). Do be aware that some villa travel agencies will try to persuade you to book online through their website, saying that this more secure for you. We have found, though, that this is often just a scare tactic to ensure that you do not try to book directly. Also, if you are planning a trip for which multiple people are paying, make sure that everyone puts money down up-front. Otherwise, you may end up covering someone else’s share or having to look for a replacement.

Now You Know How to Book a Villa! Have Questions? Call Bluefields

Hopefully this article has taught you how to book a villa and has helped you to feel more comfortable with the prospect of finding and renting a villa that is perfect for your vacation plans. Even if you decide not to stay with us in Bluefields, we sincerely wish you a fantastic vacation! If you are interested in an all-inclusive villa in Jamaica, click here for a quick quote or give us a call at 1-877-955-8993 to speak to a Bluefields Bay representative about your travel plans. Go from How to Book a Villa back to the BLOG Return to the Bluefields Bay Villas HOMEPAGE  
posted August 13, 2015
Bluefields Bay Villas Featured in Eat Love Savor
Except for the high profile individuals that go here to get away, Bluefields Bay Villas (Bluefields, Jamaica) is a little known gem thats just south of Montego Bay but might as well be worlds away on its private bay, which is a designated protected fish sanctuary.
posted June 15, 2015
Entree Award of Excellence: World's Best Resorts
Bluefields Bay Villas has been awarded the Gold E Award of Excellence in recognition of being selected as one of the World's Best Resorts by Entree, a privately published monthly travel newsletter dedicated to the discovery of very special places for the discriminating and sophisticated traveler.
posted March 25, 2015
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